Petrified Wood Bathtub

Petrified Wood Bathtub

The King Bathtub

The story behind the bathtub is that a giant petrified wood with more 100 millions old was found in the heart of Indonesia jungle. The upper part cuted to 2 meter, And was crafted to be first baths in 2011 year called : " Le grand queen bathtub " the European Company bring the bathtub to Euro and sold for = 1,700,000.-- USD in Dhubai Jewellery Show. And was claimed to be most expensive bathtub in the world.

Recently, after 7 years waiting and spent more than 7000 working hours of evacuation hard work, other parts of the same fossil wood material were successfully saved, that is lower part and bigger than before.

The material is what constructs to : " THE KING BATHTUB " ( 1900*1000*630mm)
Inspired by the shape of Komodo Dragon's egg, a Balinese designer from Bali Art Deco started to take place to design the bathtub, The work of design took the stone handcraft experts more than 1,700 hours to sculpt from 17 tons of of raw material to be this luxurious bathtub.

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